2016 Objectives

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I know, I know. Resolutions are stupid. So these are objectives for 2016.

They fall into five categories: health, learning, personal, work and other stuff.


Run a 10km in March

Run a half marathon in October (there you go sis, it’s on there. We’re going to Amsterdam. Or Stroud?)

Be more organised with cooking AKA “eat healthier”

Drink more water. Only drink fizzy drinks occasionally (I already started the latter in 2015). I should probably add cutting down on coffee intake.

Restart acupuncture and try out hypnotherapy to help my skin condition (it’s so expensive though!)


Learn about wine

Visit more of the places on “The List” (India, Costa Rica, Singapore, Cuba, Kenya as well as Lisbon, Venice and probably loads of others- not all in one year, just visit some of them!)

Read one book a month (I think I do more than this on average, but that’s because I binge read on holiday!)

Learn to code

Be a better photographer

Start speaking Spanish again

Play my piano more


Be a nicer person

Learn to hide my true feelings about people if they’re not positive (difficult…my face is expressive)

Be less naive about people: I trust people way too much and tell them everything!

Be a better friend


Help others more

Be more effective

Leave earlier (perhaps linked to the above!?)

Actually plan my development

Ensure my filter is always ON with colleagues!

Spread my holiday days throughout the year (I ended up taking 17 days in 6 weeks at the end of 2015!)

Other Stuff

Don’t get behind on laundry- a source of anxiety!

Organise my wardrobe- if I haven’t worn it for 12 months, I should donate it to charity (or throw it away if it is shite)

Overcome my fear (more like a dislike) of the hairdresser and get my hair cut (they are beautiful, well groomed, intimidating people who can be so JUDGEY!)

Get better at make up. I do the same everyday because I don’t know any better!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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