Battle of the Bags

I want to buy a bag. Right now, I am using my smaller Le Pliage from Longchamp, but there are a few flaws with using it has a handbag. It is one compartment: I lose everything (thank goodness for the torch feature that you can quickly get to on the iPhone) plus, because it is made of fabric, the bottom of the bag is subject to wear and tear, so small holes are appearing.

There are a few features that I want the bag to have: I have to be able to carry it on my shoulder, it should be zipped (doesn’t that sound like mum advice?! To avoid pick pockets?) and I want it to be leather. I am looking for quality, so it has to have a timeless design aspect to it. I also need some compartments to at least try and bit a little bit more organised!

The problem is: I can’t make my mind up on what I want! Here’s a run down of the contestants:

Skagen Tote

Ferring Leather Tote, £269


Gabriella Congnac Brown Tote €259

Everything about this bag is not sensible: no zip. One compartment. I just really like it though!

Tiger of Sweden

Bronzino Bag in Black £239.95

This would be the truly “grown up” option: zipped, compartments, right length to carry for my height, and beautifully soft leather

They no longer sell it in black directly online, instead offering a baby blue version for SS15


Emma Shoulder Bag, €399

Madewell Tote

 The Zip Transport Tote, $188

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