How I Stopped Biting My Nails

I am a life long nail biter. I didn’t even realise that I used to do it. It was completely subconscious. It’s unsightly and, even if you paint short nails- they look awful!

So, I decided that I wanted to stop biting my nails. Here’s The steps I took over 8 weeks.

First, I had acrylic extensions put on my nails I know lots of people don’t recommend them, but for me, it made my nails look instantly nice, and the acrylics meant it was impossible to bite them. That was a huge factor in stopping me putting my hands to my mouth!


Eventually they start to grow out, so to make them last a little longer, I purchased some gold, glittery polish. Not my usual style, but it just makes your “investment” last a little longer.


The next thing I did, after about 3 weeks, was go to a salon an have the extensions soaked off. The nails underneath had grown a bit, so I had Shellac/Gel polish put on the nails. Again, it starts to grow out, so I stretched this one out to 3 weeks with the addition of the glitter polish again!


After 3 weeks, again, I had a new Shellac/Gel polish applied. I really recommend this stuff! If you are prone to chipping off the polish and damaging you nails, and you are trying to grow yours and keep them nice- this is a good way of doing that!


After 2 weeks, I had the light polish removed and I new darker one re-applied. My nails now are pretty strong (any nail biter who has tried to grow their nails before knows that they can be weak and soft!). I has taken around 8 weeks, but I am pleased with the results! I just have to keep up with the manicures to ensure I don’t start biting them again!