Philz Coffee: Mint Mojito Coffee

I cannot claim to have discovered this. I was introduced: brought along for the ride. But it needs to be shared because, despite how much you hear me talk about my love for Starbucks, THIS is the single best cup of coffee I have ever had. Anywhere. In the world.

Philz Coffee is a group of 18 coffee shops on the West Coast, owned by a guy called Phil Jaber. Each cup of coffee here is brewed for the individual: they call it a “cup of love” and under their logo it claims “one cup at a time”. I had heard about Philz Coffee from colleagues and just how great it was.

It was January 2014. Chicago was in the midst of the Polar Vortex. We had compounded this by visiting Minneapolis first, and then we landed in San Francisco. Down coats were discarded in the trunk of the car. We were on the hunt for coffee following our 4am start (and a flight change in Denver) and Philz did not disappoint.

We all ordered Iced Mint Mojito Coffee (hey- it was nearing 20 degrees Celsius. We were embracing it). It takes a while to get your coffee: it really is brewed, one cup at a time. It’s worth the wait though. This is quite simply, the best cup of coffee I have ever had. It’s sweet, creamy, minty, decadent and indulgent. Between every sip I kept saying “this is so good”. I became attached to the chocolate brown cup: I kept tipping it up, hoping for one more drop of coffee.


Iced Mint Mojito Coffee

The place just feels very…Californian. This was my very first stop anywhere in California, ever. The bar is made from un-sanded wood, the boards handwritten in chalk, the people are friendly and happy to help. It just makes you feel GOOD.


Philz Coffee, Westborough Blvd.


Working hard whilst waiting for coffee

The internet is littered with people trying to recreate their Iced Mint Mojito Coffee. I would say “don’t”. Just don’t. Go to Philz. Wait for your coffee. Feel happy. Recreating it at home just won’t give you the full experience.

So, all trips to San Francisco require a Philz Coffee stop. And when I’m not there, I receive pics of these lovely cups of coffee (oh yeah…and the friends holding them!), to which my response is “Hate you”. Just kidding.

Philz 2