Moleskine & Evernote: Who Knew?

I love email. I love texts. I love Whatsapp. I even love those little yellow memo notes that you can use on your desktop. If it’s a digital method of communicating, I probably use it and love it. (Except right now, when I am seething that my original post on this topic simply disappeared and I am having to rewrite!) However, of course I know that there are times when it is simply not appropriate to be tip-tapping away on your keyboard. I know that.

What I didn’t know is that Moleskine and Evernote have teamed up to bridge these occasions. Those of you abridge of technological developments may be getting quite angry right now because, judging by the 2012 date on the YouTube video below from Evernote’s YouTube channel, this isn’t new news. Sorry about that. But I have mentioned this to quite a few people over the last few days, and nobody seems to know. The video below explains how it works.

The little envelope at the back of the notebook also includes some smart stickers: these are stickers that you stick on the notes you have made and when the page is photographed is categorises your notes. Now, the photography doesn’t turn you handwriting into text to facilitate emailing. However, it can recognise text, meaning you can search notes based on their content.

My only criticism at this stage is the design of the notebook: the smart versions of Moleskine books cost more, but they lack the understated elegance of a standard Moleskine book with the motifs photographed below. The books can be purchased here in the UK and here in the US from the Moleskine websites.


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