Prints Around The House

Over the weekend, there has been a lot of activity around our house. Painting, filling and hammering has been occurring upstairs, and we are finally getting around to hanging some of the prints we have had stacked up against a wall in our living room for the past few weeks and months. Below is a quick view of just some of the prints we have hanging around the house.

Världsmästarcykeln by jollygoodfellow

We purchased this at Market29 in Haga, Gothenburg but the print is actually from this company: jollygoodfellow who have an online shop here

“The print is based on a photo of Harry Snell’s bike – who won the amateur race in Valkenburg 1948 and is the reason why Crescent was branded as the World Champion Bike for years.”

It is a limited edition and is available here for €60. We then went to IKEA and purchased the RIBBA frame for it, and I always use this company for custom mounts. It is really easy to design on their site and they deliver really quickly!


Kotten by jollygoodfellow

We also bought this greeting card at Market29, as fircones were the sort of “motif” of our wedding

Again, RIBBA frame from IKEA and a mount from

You can buy the larger poster print of it for €60 here or you can buy a pack of 3 cards here


Stroud Subscription Rooms: Sensational Beatles

It’s nice when the art in your home has a little bit of a connection to you and where you’re from!

This poster came from eBay. It’s a reproduction- not an original- and is available in several sizes. This is the A2 one which is £9.95 and available here.

Again, a good old RIBBA frame and a mount from!


Stroud Brewery Print

I love this print! We got it in Cornflower & Calico, a store in Stroud. They also have a website, but no art is available on it here

It’s just a perfect blend of bottles: London Pride (my Dad’s beer- as a Londoner), Stroud Brewery Beer (born and bred) and then Bulmer’s, because- actually- I prefer a nice cold cider to a beer any day!

It’s a limited print, and I think it was £45 framed- which is a great price!


Tunnock’s Teacake Print by Gillian Kyle

I’m not Scottish. I don’t even “love” Tunnock’s teacakes (the way my husband does), but I do like this print.

The picture may not show it, but it’s a kind of foil transfer. Not sure of the arty word for it. Looking on her website, it looks as though these prints are no longer available (I am guessing that it’s pretty difficult to mass produce the foil stuff?) but she does have a great print for only £19.95 here– Image below!


Chicago World’s Fair Sky Ride Poster

I think my love of Chicago is pretty well documented- this is just a subtle way of expressing it in art!

It’s a poster from the World’s Fair for the Sky Ride- I think I got it on eBay (Christmas in our household is an exchange of hyperlinks and my sister bought it for me), but I cannot find it anyway now!

Again, RIBBA grey frame and a mount from