Rescuing and fixing ripped jeans

Yes, yes. I ripped my jeans. At work. In the bum. I spent the day sitting down, or pulling my t-shirt over the rip. Luckily I was wearing appropriate pants…

Apart from the shame, I was just sad that my favourite jeans had given out! So, I had a go at fixing them and, after a few stress tests, I think it may have done the trick.

When we were in Gothenburg we bought a repaired pair of Nudie Jeans (see post here) so I had a spy on how they repaired them, and copied them.

It’s pretty simple. I just cut a bit of denim off another pair of jeans and pinned it over the gap, then I used quite a tight running stitch and the reverse button to zig zag over the gap (from top to bottom) and then back down again.

It’s not perfectly hidden, but the jeans are wearable again. I guess, if you were braver than me, you might want to do it in a deliberately bright colour. However, I think I had enough attention on my bum on the day I ripped them!

wpid-20150725_112858.jpg wpid-20150725_112841.jpg