Sequin Skirt Project

Whilst pinning away on Pinterest (one of my favourite things to do before bed!) I spotted a definite trend: I kept pinning sequin skirts paired with knitted jumpers.

Sequin Skirt

I had a quick look on the internet to purchase one, but couldn’t find one! Also, because I am fairly tall, sometimes skirts like this are obscene in their length! It took me a couple of days to realise that I actually had something I could use to recreate this look: a few years ago, at a previous company, we had a sales and marketing conference with a “gold” theme. I had ordered a sequin dress that, upon arrival, was more like a top. It was put in the bottom of the wardrobe, with the tags on, and never worn.


The original short, short dress

The first step was to cut the top from the dress- which made a lot of mess. I then turned the skirt inside out and pinned the lining and sequin fabric together to create a new hem around the top of the skirt. I then ran this through the sewing machine using a zig zag stitch. As the fabric is stretchy, I needed to make sure that the stitching didn’t tear with lack of “flex”.


Cutting the top off the dress


Pinning the lining to create a hem around the top

And here’s the finished look! I am planning to wear it with black tights and loose black jumper from H&M with leather forearms. I paired it with my black Frye Melissa Short boots but may consider some heels with it too!


Not bad for something I fished back out of the charity bag and still had the tags on!