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One thing I loved about living in the US is the coffee. It is so much better than coffee in the UK, and there is a real culture for indulging in it. One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday and Sunday morning, after an early spin class, was to head to Starbucks (my favourite in Chicago is on Rush: it has a balcony that looks over the street, diagonally facing Barney’s. The people watching is fantastic), and grab a coffee and some breakfast whilst catching up on the news, social media, a bit of work- whatever.

As I was 3500 miles away, my sister sent me a digital birthday gift of a Starbucks card. I registered it and consequently found out all about the My Starbucks Reward program, which has been so useful! And the thing is, when you’re queuing, people ask you about the app. I have also converted at least 3 Starbucks “fanatics”- daily users- to the app so they can earn rewards whilst they get their caffeine kick. So, not everyone knows about it!

There are few reasons why I love this loyalty reward program

Rewards: every 15 stars, you get a free drink! Once you hit 50 stars you get “Gold” status. Gold status means free extra shots, free syrup, free whipped cream and free upgrade to Origin espresso

Cashless: I am not a person who carries cash. Of course, you can just pay via card, but it’s so handy to be able to just hold your phone up (the app on both Android and iPhone generates a little barcode for you to scan at the check out). You can also link the app to your card for auto top-up or just press “top up” and enter your password- super quick and easy.

Convenience: wherever you are in the world (providing it’s not a franchise Starbucks) you can use the app. Ok, there is the whole exchange rate thing, but sometimes, when you’ve got off a 9 hour flight, it’s so nice to just be able to whip out your phone and grab that much-needed coffee…

Extra rewards: a nicely timed NYE postcard this morning with an extra free drink to say “Thanks for making us part of your year”.

No-thank you, Starbucks. Your app makes coffee buying just¬†easier.¬†I love it when technology benefits both parties: you’ve got my loyalty, and I’ve got convenience and rewards. Hurrah!

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