In search of a creative outlet

In the last few weeks I have been doing a few creative projects (in need of a creative outlet, in the absence of one at work at the moment!)

Below are 3 of the projects I’ve completed- two for the home and one for expectant friends


I used a pattern available on the blog Gleeful Things

The wool I used was Jersey Be Good from Wool and The Gang here which is on sale for £6.35. It took 5 balls of the yarn and is really quick and fast to make. It looks a little bit lumpy in the photos but it has settled into a better shape now! It’s really quick to make, and you don’t have to sew it together, you just have to stuff the footstool half way through and then close the crochet up around it. Big fan of projects with no “making up”!

wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.57-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-23-07.03.12-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.38-1.jpg.jpeg

Bean Bag Style Chair

The project took a LOT of making up! The first bit of the project was pretty fun! It involved this giant wool- you can actually knit it on your arms if you want! It’s from the Wool Couture Company (Facebook page here) and I bought it from Etsy. I also got the needles- they’re like rolling pins- but the fun thing is, you can get a huge amount done in a short amount of time. I did it in an evening.

I then got some sweatshirt material and painstakingly stitched around the whole piece- stuffed the inside- and then closing it up with stitching. It took a while. My fingers hurt. But it gives us some additional seating- which is good, and I couldn’t find any bean bags I liked! It’s also the cosiest thing! I just want to sit on it all the time now!

wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.36-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.35-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.33-1.jpg.jpegwpid-20150815_161308.jpg

Baby Stuff

Not for me. Despite the relentless of questioning of “when?” I get (just twice this week…below average!), these are just little gifts for expectant friends. I like giving handmade things for babies (and am so grateful for the hours spent with my mum learning this stuff- it is becoming so useful now!) Baby stuff is quick and easy, so when in desperate search for a quick creative outlet, this massively helps!

wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.32-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-08-23-06.57.30-1.jpg.jpeg