Two Weeks In: 2016 So Far

Well I haven’t done too well on the 2016 objectives so far. Namely the “leave earlier” one: I’ve been working 7.30am-10.30pm every day, so it hasn’t left much time to keep up with the blog.

Here’s what’s happened in the first two weeks of the year (I warn you now, this is not the most exciting blog post)


Boxes: Hello Fresh

This was a new thing for 2016- Hello Fresh is a service that delivers you everything you need (pretty much pre-measured) to cook each night. The first week is done and it’s pretty good! It’s so easy to be generous with portion control usually, but as this is all measured out, it means you can’t over indulge. Also, it means you get some variation in what you’re eating each day. It arrived all packed with ice packs, so if you get it delivered to work it will stay cool for the day. There is also an app to go with it so you can “pause box” if you don’t fancy the menu they are offering for the next week.

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Bananas: NutriBullet Smoothies

The rest of food (breakfast and lunch), has come in the shape of NutriBullet smoothies which, when your week is crazy- like the last few have been- it’s a really easy way to prep your food for the day. I’ve been adding chia seeds as well. My favourite discovery has been a combination of my morning coffee and smoothie: banana, cashew nuts, coffee, cacao nibs, black cherries, oats and either yogurt (I’ve been using Icelandic Arla Skyr) and water, or yogurt and Alpro coconut milk.


Babies and Byes

The last week has been crazy in terms of goodbyes- both celebrity wise and in my personal life. It reiterated for me (not that I ever forget), that cancer is bitch. It also has reminded me that it’s foolish to not to go the extra mile for people who are in your family. It’s easy to think you’ll go visit someone, call them or write to them next week and then, before you know it, they’re not there.

However, to offset some of the sadness, there were new babies born into the family this week, which is exciting! I am terrible with babies (are they like dogs? Do they sense fear and inexperience and cry in reaction?!), but I’m looking forward to meeting baby Lia and giving her a handmade gift (it’s poor attempt at patchwork)


Last year, I ended up having to take 17 days of holiday in the last six weeks of the year. So, this year I want to spread the holidays out, and the first one is now booked! It’s one I have had my eye on for a long time- The Hilton Molino Stuckey in Venice. Mission by the end of the month is to have another city break, my annual “relax and do nothing” holiday and a more adventurous holiday (maybe India?)

So- it’s been low key so far, but versus this time last year (even with the sad news from this week), 2016 is waaaaay better!